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Steamships – Pacific Palms Property (PPP) and Coral Sea Hotels (CSH) partner with Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) to bring Cassowary Hotel to the township of Kiunga, Western Province. Cassowary Hotel will be an all Modular System Building with 38xHotel Rooms, 4xHotel Suites, 1xManager Suite, 2xSenior Staff Rooms and 2x 5Beds Staff Rooms. Ok Tedi Development Foundation’s Cassowary Hotel Project is project managed by Pacific Palms Property and will be operated by Coral Sea Hotels.

Kiunga is a geographically challenging location for any type of construction project and it was anticipated that delivery would be challenging. Pacific Palms Property division took the challenge to assist Ok Tedi Development Foundation to project manage the design and build of Cassowary Hotel and achieve the individual expectations of OTDF and the people of Kiunga.

After close to two years of an extensive detailed design process, a decision was made to go for the custom made modular system. Two of the biggest considerations in opting for a modular build for this project was;

• The weather and climate in Kiunga
• Site accessibility conditions to the Kiunga Township.

Why we decided to build Cassowary hotel in Modular system.

When you say Modular Hotel everyone thinks it’s made out of containers. Although the original modular system was based on containerized low cost rooms, advances in technology and construction methods have changed significantly and you can now build any building up to any specification with the same building lifespan as traditional built buildings.

The following key points point out why we opted for the modular system over the tradition build and why we believe it will be the most suitable option for Kiunga.

• Reduced overall build time for the project by allowing for simultaneous site works and modular construction, and minimizes the impact external factors such as weather and accessibility may have on the project schedule.
• Increase in Quality of works – Factory grade quality can be achieved higher and more precisely than typical onsite construction.
• Reduction in Waste on site – Waste management can be highly controlled in a factory environment.
• Substantial Improvement in safety – Factory controlled environment with reduced working at height and less heat / power intensive techniques.
• Flexibility – Modular buildings can be added to or reduced in size by adding or removing certain components. This can be done without altering larger portions of the building. For future considerations it is beneficial as modular buildings can also undergo changes in functionality using the same process of adding or removing modular components. Therefore in the long term, an expansion or change in functionality will be easier to manage.

Foundation system benefits.

Another major challenge encountered was the difficulty to do standard concrete foundations due to significant rain conditions that may delay deep excavation or expose site to a major erosion risk.

The foundation system being used for in this project known as the ‘surefoot system’ does not require excavation of soil for footings – the base plate will stay on the surface and below the supporting structure load distribution will be done by a number of steel tubes driven through the soil. The concept was invented by Australian Structural engineers especially for building windfarms in isolated areas. The concept is very simple and works similar to how the big tree stands with the support of its roots.

The surefoot system minimizes or completely eliminate on;

• Excavations.
• Waste minimization – Site waste such as excess concrete and spoil from foundations.
• Biodiversity on site – Avoids unnecessary disturbance to vegetation and soil; responds to the natural topography of a site eliminating the use of heavy machinery thus saving energy; Preserves natural drainage patterns thus preventing soil erosion and sediment runoff.
• Environmental Impact – Uses less embodied energy than concrete foundations.

Another energy saving specification of this project is the use of LED lighting which provides the following benefits; Long Life, Energy Efficient, Ecologically friendly, high durability and they emit zero UV rays.

Steamships - Pacific Palms Property Division are delighted to contribute our expert advice and knowledge in delivering this highly complex Hotel Project and to share in OTDF’s achievement in bringing a successful hotel development to the Kiunga Community. This project is due for completion in January 2017 and will be operated by Coral Sea Hotels.

Project Progress Summary.

Construction of the modules in Thailand commenced towards the final quarter of 2015. Construction of all the modular components was completed in March 2015 and since then, the modules have been shipped and transported to Kiunga, Western Province. All modules are now on site and assembling of the modular components is due to begin soon.

1. Modular Construction, Bangkok Thailand – (October 2015).
2. Prototype Modular Room, Bangkok Thailand. (December 2015).
3. Modular Units being Shipped from Thailand to Papua New Guinea (March 2016)
4. Modular Units arrived in Port Moresby and were shipped to Kiunga (April-May 16). All modules are now in Kiunga and site works are well underway.
5. Ground breaking ceremony, Kiunga, Western Province. (June 2016)

Cassowary Hotel

Port Moresby

Cassowary Hotel will be an all Modular System Building with 38xHotel Rooms, 4xHotel Suites, 1xManager Suite, 2xSenior Staff Rooms and 2x 5Beds Staff Rooms.

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