About Papua New Guinea

About Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is made up of just over 20 provinces with approximately 800 languages and is divided in four regions; Southern, Momase, Highlands and Islands. Port Moresby, the capital city is the gateway to the country with Jackson’s International Airport and Fairfax Harbour.

The national currency is Kina. Daily foreign exchange rates are available in major banks, hotels and published in the daily newspapers. The four major credit cards; American Express, Visa and Master cards are generally accepted throughout the country.

Generally, the climate is hot and humid with each region having wet and dry seasons at varying times throughout the year. It is advisable to travel with appropriate protection from the sun.

Tours and Packages are available at local Travel Agents or Air Niugini, however for more general information and assistance with accommodation and travel please contact the Papua New Guinea Tourism Promotion Authority.

Things to do in PNG

Port Moresby
  • Port Moresby Nature Park
  • National Parliment House
  • National Musemum and Art Gallery
  • National Botanic Gardens
  • Bomana War Cemetary/Memorial
  • Kokoda Trail
  • Diving
  • Fishing
  • Trekking
  • Lae War Cemetary
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Rainforest Habitat
  • Melanesian Arts Gallery & Tour Agency
  • Mt. Lumamar
  • Tufi Wharf
  • Balek Wildlife Sanctuary
  • The Madany Cultural Bureau
  • Mt Gahavisuka Provincial Park
  • Lake Kutubu
  • Goroka Show
  • The J.K. McCarthy Museum
Mt Hagen
  • Mt Hagen Market
  • Mt Wilhelm
  • Mt Hagen Show